Have You Ever Found an OD From Marijuana?

Question by guy o: Have you ever found an OD from marijuana?
If it’s so bad, why do you never see victims in the ER? Alcohol kills around 400,000 anually, yet that’s OK?
It has been researched for the past 50 years with no conclusion that it’s bad for you. The JAMA did have a report of heart troubles, but I think McDonalds would kill you quicker.
And before you say it, it is no more gateway drug than cigarettes or alcohol. I’ve met coke addicts who have never tried it once. Now cocaine, that kills! And alcohol was their gateway drug BTW.
Old Fuzz. All drugs are bad? Like all cops are bad? Ok, why is pot bad? You still havn’t substantiated your point. To find someone in a snowbank says nothing, plenty of clean and sober people die in their cars caught in blizzards. Argueably, the abuse of ANYTHING is detrimental to your health; but that’s not the question. Make your case, like you did in court. Give me the proof.

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Answer by James R
Na, Marijuana is not toxic enough to kill.

In the history of mankind no one has died from Marijuana. It is simply impossible.

I think they were testing rats or mice or something, and for an overdoes you would need to consume(or smoke) the equivalent of your bodywieght.

Worst thing that can happen is you pass out.

Answer by Old Fuzz
Looks like the conclusion is, ALL drugs are bad.

I’ve never found a dead guy, O.D. on marijuana. I have found them dead of exposure because they were too stoned to get out of a snow bank. I have found them dead in a car because they were just as impaired as any other drunk driver.

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