Has Anyone Joined “Club WPT” (World Poker Tour)?

Question by CJ: Has anyone joined “Club WPT” (World Poker Tour)?
It’s the site where you pay a $ 20 monthy membership fee, and you get to play poker tournaments and blackjack. They said it’s not “gambling”, and it falls under the states “sweepstakes” laws.

The only out of pocket money you spend is the membership fee and everything else is free, and you win prizes such as ipods, tv’s, etc…

I was considering joining, because it’s the closest thing to gambling online, but I wanted to hear other people’s experiences first.

Best answer:

Answer by darin c
I have and it was horrible. I found that if there was not actualy money involved, the nature of the game was as if nothing was really at stake. I have seen better poker play on freerolls on major Poker sites. If you are looking for prize play google NLOP, the site is cheesy and hard to navigate, but you are freerolling for cash and prizes, and you dont have to download software, so those at work that want to play the occasional hand of poker its convienient

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