Hartford-Based CCAR™ Launches the Recovery Store™ to Sell Mission-Focused Products and Services Online

Hartford-Based CCAR™ Launches The Recovery Store™ to Sell Mission-Focused Products and Services Online

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Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery™ (CCAR™), an entrepreneurial and highly innovative nonprofit organization that promotes recovery from alcohol and other drug addiction through advocacy, education and service, announced that it has launched The Recovery Store™ as a social enterprise to sell its mission-focused products and services online. …
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Memory Loss – ADHD – Weight Loss – Drug Abuse – Books – 221 – Click to see www.habitmaster.com more video clips of this LIVE intervention in sequential order from the very beginning. “Me realizing that what I was reading is true about me as well.”-Yvonne Olsen On Scott’s birthday, October 18th, 2012, Scott put out a YouTube video stating that what he wanted most for his birthday was the chance to help someone in need for free. 27 year old Yvonne from Toronto, Canada, saw that video and requested that Scott Gallagher help her with her severe depression and suicidal thinking. When Yvonne first met Scott, she described herself as being a plus size, BBW, Big Girl, having “severe codependency” issues, an addictive personality – a compulsive people pleaser, having strange addictions to such things as chewing toilet paper, Pica, and “unconventional addictions” like being addicted to white glues, addicted to gangs, abuse and violence. She’s an adult survivor of sexual molestation, and has had multiple addictions which she sometimes called self-sabotage patterns. She has been cross addicted to men, addicted to sex, addicted to love, addicted to money, addicted to porn. She explored weight loss surgery as an over eater, not just over weight but obese. The only food disorders she did not have was anorexia and bulimia. She engaged in compulsive emotional eating, food addictions, and tried a list of conventional treatments, unconventional treatments as well as 12 step alternatives and self-help programs which included the Dr Phil Diet, 12 step