Good Counter Arguments for Being Addicted in Casinos?

Question by Cats: Good counter arguments for being addicted in casinos?
I will be debating with someone that will talk about bad things of casinos. Basically, I’ll be doing the good side of casinos and if ever she’ll mention the word “Addicting”, what arguments could I say to top it up?

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Answer by Ty Warren
Well, they can be addicting, but it depends on the mental state of the person. If someone is mentally weaker, they are more susceptible to addiction. Basically say, “It depends on the each person, and if one is in the state to get hooked on simple entertainment then one should not be gambling as they are immature and prone to bad decisions.”

Answer by PopeJewish
Easy. Say that everything has addicting qualities, but the number of people actually addicted to most things are quite small. Video games can be addicting. Watching tv can be addicting. Fast food can be addicting. They all have their place, however, and the vast majority of people regulate themselves. In the case of casinos, most people go in to have fun, and that fun costs money, as with most things. They generally don’t lose more than they planned on spending. Everything can be addicting, but just because a few people are addicted to something doesn’t mean everyone is, or that we should look down on the practice altogether. Fast food is highly addictive and absolutely terrible for you, but just because some people eat it every day doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be able to go in and get a cheap, fast burger when I only have a few minutes between meetings or a few dollars in my pocket. Addicts are the exception, not the rule.

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