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The Relationship Model of Addiction (TRMA) – a New Paradigm for Understanding Addiction and Recovery

The Relationship Model of Addiction (TRMA) – A New Paradigm for Understanding Addiction and Recovery Sovereign Health Group presents this webinar about the Relationship Model of Addiction: A New Paradigm for Un…


South Korean Politicians Still Think Video Games Are Drugs
This country has to be be saved from the four major addictions. We have to understand the pain individuals and families of alcohol, drugs, gambling, and game addicts go through, heal them and provide them with a proper environment so we can save our … Read more on Kotaku Australia

Poll: Do You Have Any ADDICTIONS?

Question by ?BB?: Poll: Do you have any ADDICTIONS?
BQ: How do you define “addiction”?

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Answer by ????? ????? ?
yes. i’m addicted to Y!A

Answer by toon zelda
Going on y!a
Something you cant stop.

No easy answers when dealing with addiction | Wally's World
Exactly what causes addiction is still being explored in laboratories all over the world; that is, how much of it is physical and how much is psychological and how do the two interact? On the physical side, there are enzymes, immune systems and brain … Read more on Enumclaw Courier-Herald

Hungry? Maybe You're Addicted to Food

Hungry? Maybe you're addicted to food
However, unlike addictions involving alcohol, cocaine, smoking or even gambling, to eat food is necessary for our survival, and thus the concept of a food addiction is not as black and white as it may first appear. No doubt, food addiction is a hotly … Read more on The Telegram

The Motel Life: New adventures in literary adaptation
But Frank's a naive sort, and he puts his faith in a gambling-addict buddy (Joshua Leonard, in the movie's brightest performance) to bet a few hundred dollars of his money on a boxing match. The lovely digression starts when they wait for the match to … Read more on Chicago Reader

Legalize Gambling. Control or Choice?

Question by PrimitiveReaction: Legalize Gambling. Control or Choice?
I am debating a research topic but im not sure if i am totally convinced myself. Should gambling be legal? Or does it control the people? Is it really like a narcotic? (gambling addiction) I am not sure how to answer these. So feel free to give your opinion! Does Gambling actually control the masses or is it a choice?

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Answer by bob p
your problem is in the second line you posted.

“Should gambling be legal?” gambling is legal in many areas. You are debating a moot point.

Gambling on Property Taxes in Pa.

Gambling on property taxes in Pa.
How many more gambling addicts would be created by further expanding gambling, thus further cultivating the gambling culture in Pennsylvania? The General Assembly has been trying since the 1970s to reduce school districts' and local governments' … Read more on Lancaster Newspapers

Gillespie: 'How I lost over £7m'
Gambling is an addiction that does grab hold of you and it is very hard to get out of it. Keith Gillespie in action for Newcastle United against Sheffield Wednesday on November 10, 1998. "The feedback that I have had, a lot of people can't put it down … Read more on Sports Mole

Will Prostitution Be Legalized?

Question by : Will Prostitution be legalized?
About 50% of all countries have legalized prostitution. It has existed since ancient times. Many great philosophers felt it was necessary for society to function. Statistics (that I know of) in the United States compared to countries that have legalized prostitution support the assertion that legalized prostitution improves the overall state of the country in terms of crime, health-care, and social conditions to name a few. Many people believe that legalized prostitution will proliferate and gain legitimacy, just like pornography has, but that the morals and ethics will remain a contention.
I’m currently doing a research paper on prostitution and have really been torn by the statistics and criticisms from anti-legalization supporters. However, I still believe I will argue in favor of legalizing prostitution in the United States. I’m also currently working on tearing down the arguments of Janice G. Raymond in her article “10 reasons for not legalizing prostitution”. I have no idea what kind of answer I want, I suppose just answer the title question and add your opinion or views or information that might be useful, opposition or otherwise. Anything would be greatly appreciated.
And that’s what makes it so hard to argue in favor of legalization. 8 (
>,< But whatever, at this point I'm just going to argue my side as best I can regardless of personal feelings. The problem is when I look at both sides of the situation I agree with both sides, I think its a newbie thing as this is my first research paper and I generally stay ignorant of problems, but it might also be to the nature of subjects like prostitution. I pretty much asked: "should there be war?", and then I'm trying to argue in favor of it lol...Best answer: