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St. Joseph Leaders Consider "Gambling" on Downtown

St. Joseph Leaders Consider "Gambling" on Downtown
"To me, the culture of casinos is a decadent culture of addiction," said Isobel McGowan, who lives just north of downtown. "Alcohol addictions, tobacco addictions and gambling addictions I think all have immense impact on our community." In the end … Read more on

Fair ride operator admits corruption
When confronted about the matter, Ms. Gorton-Parrish responded via text message that she was sorry for what she did and asked if she could pay the money back, noting that she had a gambling problem and needed to seek help for issues related to gambling … Read more on Scranton Times-Tribune

Support Groups

Support Groups
Celebrate Recovery, a Christian recovery group for those with hurts, hang-ups and addictions, dinner, 6 p.m. Fridays; group discussions, 7 p.m.; desserts, 9 p.m.; Christ Church Jacksonville, Anglican, 6310 Blanding Blvd. (904) 771-6723. … 6:30 p.m … Read more on Florida Times-Union

Things to do – Classes 11.29.13
Faith-based teaching by G5 Outreach Ministries using a 90-day workbook. For people of all backgrounds to help addictions of drugs, alcohol, gambling, codependency issues, eating disorders, sex addictions, violence and criminal behaviors. Information: … Read more on Muskogee Daily Phoenix

E-Street Question: Should or Will Pot Ever Be Legal?

E-Street Question: Should or will pot ever be legal?
There would be no consideration of ceasing the Casinos altho gambling is now the greatest threat to our families. Too much money in it!!! Drugs are a commodity in demand and addiction is a health problem. Cease the endless stream of money going to try … Read more on The Province

5 Ways Pessimism Boosts Well-Being
Though the study falls short of establishing clear cause-and-effect, Lang hypothesized that "pessimism about the future may encourage people to live more carefully, taking health and safety precautions." 2. … One, published in July in the Journal of … Read more on Huffington Post

Why Do Liberals Think That Rich Taxpayers Should Enable Obama, the Reckless Gambling Addict?

Question by 2012 No More Tokens: Why do liberals think that rich taxpayers should enable Obama, the reckless gambling addict?
This man has a real illness. He needs to check into rehab.

Best answer:

Answer by Alex
you need to go to rehab for an Obama addiction

Answer by Bobby Tims
They just want them to pay higher taxes. I’ve noticed several questions with the “gambling addict” meme. I’m guessing someone on the radio or TV brought that up today.

Arts Listings

Arts Listings
Forum about excessive airplane noise, PS 69 auditorium, 77-02 37 Ave., Jackson Heights, Monday, Nov. 25, 7 p.m. Call (718) 803-6373. …. Gam-Anon is a 12-step program for families of someone with a gambling problem. Call hot line (212) 606-8177. Read more on Queens Chronicle

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The Future of Gambling in Texas

The future of gambling in Texas
The big problem over the gambling interest over the last few sessions has been the fighting among the interest," Smithee added. Fighting, that is keeping almost everyone divided. "They should let the voters decide whether or not it's a good idea," said … Read more on KFDA

7 Health Problems Improved By Sleep
The researchers asked 54 young adults to play a card game aimed to imitate casino gambling. Those who were well-rested made decisions that resulted in greater winnings four times more often than those who were sleep deprived — and they had a firmer … Read more on Huffington Post