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Gambling Addiction – Inside Story – Story of a gambling loser in Australia. Features reenactments by an actor and interviews with a psychologist. Produced by Alfabetto.


Court records: Aurora Fire Credit Union president gambled away thousands

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GENEVA – Former Aurora Firefighters Credit Union President Anne Schaal admitted in her divorce settlement that she spent $ 580,000 in marital assets on a gambling addiction she hid from her husband of 46 years, according to court records. Schaal, who …
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Compulsive Cell Phone Use Similar to Other Consumer 'Addictions'

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Behavioral addictions such as compulsive cell phone use or pathological gambling are not currently diagnoses in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), the primary diagnostic reference manual of mental illness used by …


Video game craving 'bad as alcohol'

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An Australian National University PhD student, Olivia Metcalf, has produced some of the first scientific evidence that video gaming is addictive. Ms Metcalf recruited 38 gamers from video game stores, internet cafes and on campus at the university, all …
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