E-Street Question: Should or Will Pot Ever Be Legal?

E-Street Question: Should or will pot ever be legal?
There would be no consideration of ceasing the Casinos altho gambling is now the greatest threat to our families. Too much money in it!!! Drugs are a commodity in demand and addiction is a health problem. Cease the endless stream of money going to try … Read more on The Province

5 Ways Pessimism Boosts Well-Being
Though the study falls short of establishing clear cause-and-effect, Lang hypothesized that "pessimism about the future may encourage people to live more carefully, taking health and safety precautions." 2. … One, published in July in the Journal of … Read more on Huffington Post

Survey: Few Kansans know gambling treatment covered
The goals of the southwest Kansas task force this year include establishing relationships with employers to help them identify the warning signs of gambling addiction so employees can get help before it causes further damage. It also seeks to increase … Read more on Dodge City Daily Globe

Adelson's Internet Gambling Crusade
The spread of gambling on personal computers and smart phones will not only harm his industry but cause untold societal damage, especially to the poor. Internet … But the low cost of tickets makes it harder for gambling addicts to ruin themselves … Read more on Commentary Magazine

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