Drug Abuse Recovery: Alternatives in Drug Abuse Recovery to Checking Into Rehab

You hear the opinion on television sometimes when psychiatrists are brought on to talk about why drug abuse is such a problem in America, that dependency problems are actually psychological illnesses – that people who fall into the trap really couldn’t be any other way. Expert opinion isn’t in complete agreement over whether a dependency problem is absolutely reducible to a mental issue of course. Either way, the drug abuse recovery system that most people subject themselves to isn’t that satisfactory. You get treated with a combination of methadone and counseling, or you just get locked up in a rehab center until your system is purged of the effects of your drug. There really are alternative drug abuse recovery treatments available that people don’t adequately consider. Sometimes, the treatment may work out far better and with far less pain than with a traditional treatment course. But only sometimes.

Let’s start with acupuncture as your first alternative option in drug abuse recovery. If the drug that you are used to is not something that you needed to inject intravenously, acupuncture really could be an alternative therapy that works for you. If you liked snorting cocaine for instance, the acupuncture needles they stick in your ears really can work making your withdrawal symptoms a lot tamer than they otherwise would be. There are even stories abroad that claim that with acupuncture pulling for you, the chance of a relapse is a lot rarer.

How about hydrotherapy? It’s kind of a long shot, but they do have a few successes to their credit. What this type of therapy aims for is to cleanse you in the hope that this will wash out all the pollution. Thankfully, you don’t absolutely have to get a colonic or anything. All you need to do is to take a nice warm bath with sea salts mixed in. You need to do this every days for a few months. And hopefully, you’ll be well on your way to your drug abuse recovery by then. If you let them, the hydrotherapists will of course like to sign you up for a colonic. But that isn’t really a mandatory part of the process.

And finally, we have herbal therapy. Those who believe in this as a method of drug abuse recovery go by the idea that herbs are capable of cleansing your body of all the toxins that drug abuse builds up in your system. They use herbs like licorice, burdock and valerian. These herbs work to cleanse the blood, and they help you gain a better immune system and become stronger. You’ll have to work with your herbal therapist to get the exact dosage right; and you did need to know that there is no hard and fast rule for those dosages. It really depends on the practitioner. Since there are no authorizing bodies that license these therapists, you really need to ask around to find a qualified one.

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