Does Anyone Who Has Got the Parkinson Deseases(parkinson in Young Age)have the Bad Effects of Mirapexin?

Question by Sussy NK: does anyone who has got the parkinson deseases(parkinson in young age)have the bad effects of mirapexin?

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Answer by Mags
One thing to remember is that compulsive gambling is not the only compulsive behavior associated with the compulsive behavior issues. Hypersexuality is another problem.

Although my husband took Mirapex, a dopamine agonist, and did have issues with compulsive behavior as well as hallucinations and delusions, he does not fall into the YOPD age category for Parkinson’s disease that you requested.

This is a Mayo Clinic staff article about compulsive gambling and the risks:

Why it works this way:
“The dopamine receptors stimulated by Mirapex play a role in movement and mobility. But the receptors are in a region of the brain associated with emotions, including pleasure and reward seeking behavior. Researchers suspect that by targeting this region, drugs such as Mirapex may have something to do with compulsive behaviors.”

Mirapex is not the only “anti-tremor” PD medication which can cause those side effects but because it was a effective for easing the tremor, it was very popular among working people who did not want that “tell” on display because of the risk of being considered not up to the job – there’s a lot of PD prejudice out there in the workplace.

Another dopamine agonist, Requip for RLS has also been linked to compulsive behaviors:
Ultimately my husband did stop taking the med and switched to another medication which was not as effective in tremor reduction…and yes, ultimately he lost his job because of it.

For younger people with PD, take a look at this article about compulsive gambling and pramipexole and PD, it describes the nightmares that people suffered because of the compulsive “disease” which developed as a side effect…and which stopped upon cessation of the drug:

There is also a Mayo Clinic study which I am still trying to find for you. But there article about compulsive gambling points out that one fall out from this behavior is that the suicide rates at casino cities such as Atlantic City, NJ and Reno, NV are very, very high. That would be in sharp contrast to PD itself which has a much lower suicide rate than one would expect for this chronic, progresive neurodegenerative disease.

Here are some discussions of the Mayo Clinic study but the link to the Mayo Clinic study has been taken down:

One thing to remember is that for many people, just taking a lower dose will be effective in relieving certain PD symptoms while at the same time not causing the side effects.

One of the sad things is that the best information you can find is from the litigation attorneys. What a commentary on our society and our pharmaceutical companies in original warning labels.

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