Do You Think Paying Addicts to Get Sterilized Is a Good Thing?

Question by Patricia: Do you think paying addicts to get sterilized is a good thing?
Should this ever be considered as a nationally funded public program?

From the newspaper the UK Independent:

“Drug addiction experts have reacted with horror at the revelation that a controversial American charity worker who pays addicts to be sterilised is setting up a franchise in Britain.

Project Prevention, which operates out of North Carolina, has stopped more than 3,500 drink and drug addicts from having children by paying them up to £200 to seek long term or permanent forms of contraception such as an IUD implant or full sterilisation. Once the addicts prove that an operation has been carried out they are awarded a cash sum which, even the charity admits, usually goes towards feeding their habits.”

From the website Project Prevention:

“As a family practice physician, I saw many crack babies during my residency. It was such a heart-wrenching sight- tiny babies abused before they were even born. Now in practice I am seeing these children as they are maturing. Those fortunate enough to have caring foster or adoptive parents have an edge on life. I hope this small contribution helps your very worthy cause. Personally I feel if a “bribe” is what it takes to get these people from having unwanted and damaged children then let’s bribe them. God bless you and your organization.

– Kristi M., FL ”
I don’t think this is ‘eugenics’. The program is entirely voluntary.

Best answer:

Answer by City of the blind
Eugenics is wrong and it eventually leads to pathetically hitler mindset

Answer by S B
If money for drugs is more important to them than having children, then they should not be parents. As long as this is a a choice, then I have no problem with it.

please report “Welfare Mama w/ crack baby” it is sick what they are doing. Crack babies are not a joke.

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