Do Compulsive Gambling and Parkinson’s Disease Have Any Link?

Question by Schatzi: Do Compulsive gambling and Parkinson’s disease have any link?
I have Parkinson’s disease and I saw an article that linked compulsive gambling with PD medication and my Neurologist has confirmed that there is a link with compulsive behavior and certain medication being given for PD. My question is being asked because I just saw a number of incorrect answers that were given here to someone that asked about it. The asker was told in no uncertain terms that gambling is a social disease and not a medical problem. Has anyone else here ever read an article linking compulsive gambling to PD medication?

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Answer by macie
I did…I also saw it on 60 minutes or was it the news

Answer by sutra
There have been cases of compulsive gambling,compulsive spending , and sexual addiction. but they only occured in a tiny percentage of the people taking these drugs and usually at very high dosages. Most often these things happened with dopamine agonists such as Requip.

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