Dick Diver: 'We Want to Write a Sick Song Like Flame Trees'

Dick Diver: 'We want to write a sick song like Flame Trees'
This is Dick Diver; a Melbourne bands that brings together humour, self-deprecation, Australian kitsch and addictive melodies like few before it. While their records are not as overtly political as their onstage antics at Meredith, there's a sense of … Read more on The Guardian (blog)

Sex addiction from the comfort of your couch: Thanks for Sharing, Don Jon hit DVD
Now they're both recent DVD releases, which means you can watch them without sweaty-palmed movie theater company. (Actually, neither … the same 12-step group. Don Jon, out next week, follows a porn, workout, hair-gel addict (Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who … Read more on Dallas Morning News (blog)

Don't let Portlandia ruin Portland
The homeless and drug-addicted were being shooed away from Burnside, the area around Chinatown and the train station had been cleaned up, and the industrial wasteland of warehouses between downtown and the Willamette River ports was being transformed … Read more on The Week Magazine

Valley offers treasure trove of ways to make, hear music
18 editorial stated that “the Sentinel has long opposed efforts to expand casino gambling in Colorado,” partially due to gambling addiction issues. In that same edition was also an article about how the wine industry's single “economic ripple” added … Read more on Grand Junction Sentinel

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