Cocaine, Meth, Drug Help for Philadelphia Residents


Cocaine, meth, Drug help for Philadelphia residents – Addiction is overwhelming. Lonely. Painful. If youre ready to seek recovery, we offer drug help, Philadelphia. Using comprehensive methods, we treat co-occurring addiction and mental health disorders. Your problem with , prescription medication or could be linked to psychological struggles. We address these issues as well, giving you a better chance for long-term sobriety.


President Obama Sending First-Time Drug Offenders to Rehab Instead of Jail

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CBT cannot take away an addicts biological reaction to drugs, but it can help many identify & correct the thinking processes which lead them to seek them in the first place. Not all marijuana users go on to stronger chemical abuse, but 98% of drug …
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Diabetes drug may help fight Alzheimer's

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Study leader Jack Jhamandas of the University of Alberta and his team demonstrated last year a diabetes drug that never made it to market, known as AC253, could block the toxic effects of amyloid protein that lead to brain-cell death. In the lab …


Tighter prescription drug controls taking effect

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(AP) — Drug overdoses are the single largest cause of accidental deaths in Tennessee, but state health officials hope a new law requiring doctors to check a database before prescribing certain drugs will help change that. The state's controlled …
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