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SecondLife – 12 Step Recovery Meeting Hall


SecondLife – 12 Step Recovery Meeting Hall – This is a 12 step recovery meeting hall for anyone working the 12 steps. All fellowship members welcome. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Cocaine Anonymous (CA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA). For the recovering addict or alcoholic, Coffee is available.


Woman finds toddler in street

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A Clarksville man was found with a felony amount of crack cocaine after a routine traffic stop at 11:30 a.m. Tuesday, according to an arrest warrant. Michael Lee Sherman, 29, was stopped because of a window tint violation and a malfunctioning brake …
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ANOTHER INVENTED DISEASE – for OneDarkFlame1 – words and inspiration by OneDarkFlame1


Two local residents arrested on drug charges

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Freeport police on Monday, Oct. 15, arrested Charles Coleman, 36, and Rohn Jones, 25, both of Freeport, on felony charges of possession with the intent to deliver cocaine within 1,000 feet of a church and unlawful possession of a weapon by a felon.
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Police seize 21 bricks of cocaine ditched in Aldergrove

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Why Do Some Christians Hate Pokemon?

Question by Zebra: Why do some Christians hate Pokemon?
I am a Japanese boy teen that moved to New York from Tokyo because, as you may have guessed, due to the current radiation problems. And for the first time in my life, I have learned that some Christians hate Pokemon and sees it as demonic and such.

This website:

Says, “In addition to having an affair on his wife, Herman Cain was spouting brainwashing nonsense from a Japanese anime (anime is the Japanese word for pornography) named Pokemon (the Japanese word for crack cocaine).”

Why Does the American Main Stream Media Censorship Everything About Illegal Hard Drugs “cocaine” Through Cuba?

Question by Zafiro: Why does the American main stream media censorship everything about illegal hard drugs “cocaine” through cuba?
Child prostitution, pedophiles, and cocaine from southamerica are commonly found in cuba.
Cuba is used as jump board for cocaine smuggling and the corrupt communist puppet cuban government is involved. Cuba is part of the axis of evil, and cubans hate america.
But the american media loves cocaine, homosexuality and communism!
that’s why cuba has not been intervened and democratized. ,

Best answer:

Answer by mac
This is what liberals do.



Serenity –


0000 worth of cocaine seized in Langley

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Mounties in Langley have seized half-a-million dollars worth of cocaine last Thursday thanks to an anonymous tip. The caller said he had witnessed a van with three people inside throw what looked like three hockey bags into a ditch at 272nd Street and …
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Drug-dealing indictment returned

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Peru’s Expanding Cocaine Business


Peru’s expanding cocaine business – Peru has become the world’s largest producer of coca, the plant used to make cocaine, knocking longtime leader Colombia into second place, a new UN report said Thursday. With soldiers and police struggling to contain so-called “narco-terrorists” and the rebels they’ve made into allies, there are fears the booming business in Peru could lead to a rise in drug-related violence.Duration: 02:10


Troopers seize 00 worth of crack cocaine, marijuana and Rx drugs on Ohio

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