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Why Do People Say That Pot Isn’t Addicting?

Question by DESTROYdestroy: Why do people say that pot isn’t addicting?
I don’t get why people say its not. It creates a feeling of pleasure right, then you continue to chase that feeling of pleasure by smoking it again and again. To me that sounds like an addiction.

Can someone please explain to me why people say that pot isn’t addicting, because I just don’t get it…

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Answer by bizzurke
well…its not physically addicting. that is why people say it. it is mentally addictive though, i classify addiction as something where your body goes through problems if you stop it, because your body is then ADDICTED to it. people just want and like to smoke pot…their body is not ADDICTED to it.

Poll: Do You Think People Should Be Jailed for Drugs?

Question by Dude: Poll: Do you think people should be jailed for drugs?

[New law in Mexico]: “Under the new rules there will be no action taken against those carrying up to a half-gramme of cocaine, 40 grammes of marijuana or 50 milligrammes of heroin.

Limits are set for other drugs, including LSD and methamphetamine. People found in possession of these small amounts will be encouraged to attend a drug treatment programme.”

I think this is a much better way to handle the drug epidemic. Why jail someone who hasn’t harmed anyone other than himself? We should encourage him/her to get better instead of raped in jail for having a problem.

What Is the Song That Gives the Same Effects as a Cocaine High?

Question by Ginelle: What is the song that gives the same effects as a cocaine high?
I heard that there is a song out there that will give you the same high as if you were on cocaine. I have no idea if it has to do with cocaine in the song. I was intrigued to know whether this was legit or not. I was wondering if anyone else had heard about it?

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Answer by Mo

How Come After Re-Dosing, Amphetamines Lose the Euphoric Effect?

Question by Ryan: How come after re-dosing, amphetamines lose the euphoric effect?
So lets say some one takes some adderal and feel really good, after a few hours the euphoria fades so you take more. But the second dose really does not stimulate the mind, causing euphoria, only the body.

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Answer by Censure 455
The euphoria comes from the release of dopamine in the brain which binds to dopaminergic receptors causing the feeling of euphoria. However as more dopamine is released into the brain the dopaminergic receptors begin to be either binded already or gain resistance to the dopamine and the resulting pathway is not activated. This means that even if you take larger doses of dopamine (adderall) you won’t feel its effects as greatly because the brain requires time to decrease the tolerance levels of the receptors for the effects to be felt.

If Someone Is Addicted to Crack Cocaine, Is There Any Hope?

Question by dbelsila: If someone is addicted to crack cocaine, is there any hope?
My 18 year old son is addicted to crack cocaine. I have tried to watch him; tried threatening; tried cutting off communication; nothing works. He now has stolen from me and he’s sitting in jail. I know he needs treatment, but ppl are saying its a lost cause; some say there is hope and some say he will always use. Is there any hope for recovery? Honestly?

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Homopathy and Substance Abuse Cases Correlate Steadily: My Psychological Hypothesis


Homopathy and Substance Abuse Cases Correlate Steadily: My Psychological Hypothesis – This unique liberal message is dedicated to study of substance abuse and homopathy cases in Los Angeles County. I propose Californian public to remove Cocaine Anonymous and American Alcohol Anonymous narcomobsters from state rehabilitation centers, where their corrupt influence perpetuates substance abuse and alcoholism among rehab patients. I was fired from Los Angeles County rehabilitation center for opposing substance abuse, under ludicrous pretexts of right wing extremists, such confessed cocaine-abuser, counselor Mike Carreon.


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