Can You Teach in California Schools With Felonies, Drug Related?

Question by angelaamerson1999: Can you teach in California schools with felonies, drug related?
I have a few felonies on my jacket that are over 10 years old, can I still become a certified teacher in California?

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Answer by Turk
As far as I know, unless any laws have changed, you can not in any state. That applies to misdemeanors, too, last I checked. Sorry 🙁 I think that’s something that needs changed. It’s not right for someone to do their time or pay for their crime and then not be able to give something back, especially when they want to. You might look into private schools however, they’re under different laws than public. Good luck!

Answer by Charles Verhoeve
I think the answer depends. The first question is what the “felonies” are for. If they are for possession of a “controlled substance,” the offenses fall under Education Code 44011, and I think you may be barred.

However, the fact that the offenses are more than 10 years old may be significant. You may be able to demonstrate “rehabilitation,” (i.e., demonstrated sobriety over the past 10 plus years, and no conviction on any other offenses), and have had the felony convictions expunged from your record. See Education Code 44424(d). See also Penal Code 4852.01 et al.

I would argue that if one can retain a teaching credential after being convicted of a “violent” felony, one should be able to obtain a teaching credential, despite a ten (10) plus year old conviction for a drug offense.

Of course, the facts are critical and I cannot base an opinion upon the information provided (“a few felonies on my jacket that are over 10 years old”). I would not seek to minimize the convictions. Any conviction is serious, and the position you are seeking would place you in a position of great trust. You are teaching and guiding children. The level of trust required is tremendous. You must be dedicated to the calling.

I think the key is to pursue the expungement of the prior offenses and to obtain a certificate of rehabilitation.

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