Can I Form an Addiction to Opiates in General?

Question by lbckirko: Can i form an addiction to Opiates in general?
I havnt been on one certain kind of opiate for a long period of time (1.5-2 weeks at max) but ive switched around from hydro codone to oxycodone to morphine to hydromorphone…

(I broke both bones in my leg pretty bad and had to get surgery, all are under prescriptions, not abusing, taking as needed but afraid i can develop addiction as is)

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Answer by Joey m
Yes you can. Your doctors are very aware of that and are monitoring your intake. That don’t want you to be in pain, but they also don’t want you to develop an addiction to your meds. Maybe that is why they keep changing them.

Answer by k d
You most definitely can. A lot of people addicted to drugs are actually addicted to pain pills due to medical reasons. These people start to find that the pain is unbearable without drugs but the pain is actually their withdrawal symptoms kicking in. Talk to your doctor who can arrange to help you lower the doses slowly when you recover so as to be less a shock to your system and reduce the risk of addiction and withdrawal symptoms.

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