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Colebrook woman fails Accelerated Rehabilitation, will now face trial

Filed under: drug addict rehabilitation

However, Bascetta was arrested for the actual theft. Bascetta allegedly told police she stole the jewelry to pay for her drug addiction, which forced her to enter drug treatment. According to the affidavit, Bascetta applied for Accelerated …
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Delray lobbyists to push legislators for sober house regulations

Filed under: drug addict rehabilitation

Delray Beach officials are taking their fight against sober houses all the way to Tallahassee. The City Commission recently hired a team of lobbyists that can champion the cause — and ask state Legislators to pass legislation that would regulate sober …
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Two former drug addicts graduate from Adams County drug court

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… for the program are addicts who've been charged in drug crimes. They can participate if recommended by the courts. The addicts have to complete at least an 18-month program that combines rehab, regular court appearances, counseling, and drug testing.
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