Bob Forrest & MusiCares: Rehab or Jail Time


Bob Forrest & MusiCares: Rehab or Jail Time – The threat of serving time in the state penitentiary forced Bob Forrest to face the reality of really needing to detox and get clean. Rehab in prison was not appealing, nor was jail time brought Bob to his moment of clarity. After seven years of being in and out of rehab, that moment brought Bob to be the addiction specialist on Celebrity Rehab. MusiCares® developed the MusiCares® MAP Fund as a pool of resources set aside specifically to address addiction and recovery needs. Named for the Musicians’ Assistance Program, the fund represents the joint goal of MAP and MusiCares® to provide members of the music community access to addiction recovery treatment regardless of their financial condition. Please help MusiCares® continue with this important work. Learn how at


Health a mixed bag in Pitkin County

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Those priorities include improving access to health care, mental-health treatment, substance-abuse prevention and treatment, addressing the county's aging population, and raising awareness of radon and reducing exposure to it. … Community Health will …
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Detox America with sequestration

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No addict likes the idea of going into a detox unit. Why? Because it hurts. He knows that, while Librium or methadone will be used to make getting off drugs easier, the final result will be to leave his system without alcohol or heroin, and without the …
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Faulkner Hospital Changes Detox Plans In Response To Opposition

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… Brigham and Women's Faulkner Hospital said Tuesday it is revising some of its plans for its inpatient drug and alcohol detoxification unit. The hospital will offer nine detox beds, as opposed to six, during a six-month transitional period after …
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