Betting Shops and Gambling Addiction Part 4/4 – UK Documentary


Betting shops and gambling addiction part 4/4 – UK Documentary – Documentary on the concentration of betting shops in the UK and the hidden dangers of fixed odds betting terminals and slot machines. Sign the petition at Join the blog at Join the mailing list at


Concerns Over Gambling Addiction Grow with the Passage of Question 7

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TELL US: Do you think gambling addiction will grow in the state of Maryland? Tell us in the comments below. Related Topics: Addiction, Gambling, Question 7, and maryland. Email me updates about this story. [["validates_email_format_of",{"message …


Firing of Quebec nurse for lying about medical history upheld

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In October 2006, the employee went on medical leave and the hospital centre found out he did in fact have a history of psychiatric problems, including alcoholism, addiction to gambling, depression, a personality disorder and suicidal thoughts. Had the …
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The Lord Mayor Would Have Spoiled "A Christmas Carol"

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In fact, studies suggest that both a gambling addiction and success in politics correlate with psychopathic behavior. Politicians tend toward lack of guilt, fearlessness and interpersonal dominance. And it is from this small minority of human beings …
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D'Amato: Casinos create more problems than they solve

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100108 25 years 102.JPG. The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) expressed major concerns for a new casino in downtown Toronto. … Access to gambling creates more problem gamblers who can't stick to spending limits. Yes, a casino could …
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