Belarus Fights Poppy Seed Addiction

Belarus Fights Poppy Seed Addiction
All governmental bodies supported the bill except for the National Centre for Legislation and Legal Initiatives, a part of the Department of Law of the Presidential Administration. It rejected the part of the bill that would permit the authorities to … Read more on Belarus Digest

The Crime of Marijuana Smoking in Mexico
But the changes brought in with the new law also instructed police to send users to prosecutors for addiction treatment. Treatment is compulsory after three detentions. The health code reform also …. In an interview, the General Director of Mexico's … Read more on CounterPunch

Darryl Strawberry defends A-Rod on eve of opening Central Florida rehab clinic
"You can get addicted to steroids just like any other drug" says Strawberry, who will be in Central Florida on Friday for the grand opening of his new drug recovery and rehab center in St. Cloud. "A drug is a drug, and it's unfortunate drugs have been … Read more on Orlando Sentinel

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