Atheists, the First Country to Legalize Gay Marriage Is Having MAJOR Gay Related Problems.. Is This a Sign?

Question by Banme Orlose: Atheists, the first country to legalize gay marriage is having MAJOR gay related problems.. Is this a sign?


“Neatherlands – A gay gang that allegedly raped victims lured on the Internet, drugged them and infected them with the AIDS virus has shocked the Netherlands and raised questions over its liberal sex culture”


“Neatherlands 2010 – Dozens of children at two Amsterdam day care centres have become the victims of systematic sexual abuse. At a press conference, Mayor Eberhard van der Laan confirmed that between 40 and 50 toddlers had been systematically abused by the suspect over an 18-month period…The suspect is a 27-year-old Latvian man who acquired Dutch nationality in 2008 after marrying an Amsterdam man in 2004. Chief prosecutor Justitie Herman Bolhaar explains how the child molester finally got caught”

“THE HAGUE, Netherlands — Police said Wednesday they have smashed a huge international pedophile ring, rescuing 230 children from abuse and arresting 184 suspects — including teachers and police officers”

“Wainwright said the website was intended as a discussion forum where pedophiles could “share their sexual interest in young boys.”

“Europol released parts of online conversations and other posts including a discussion between two suspects, identified only as X and Y, about their attraction to boys wearing diapers”


“Neatherlands – Hundreds of child pornography cases remain unsolved
The number of child pornography cases unsolved or unhandled by police has tripled in the last year”


“Neatherlands – The number of child pornography websites distributed from the Netherlands has risen ‘explosively’, official monitors said on tv show Nova on Thursday night”


“Neatherlands: The report said men who engage in homosexual contact form the largest group (52 percent). After a decline in previous years, the share of gay men with HIV began to climb again in 2004”

“In contrast, the share of people infected after heterosexual contact fell for the first time in years in 2004”


“NETHERLANDS: NEW GAY SEX DISEASE SPREADING IN NEATHERLANDS: Rare Sexually Transmitted Disease On Rise in Netherlands Associated Press (11.05.04) — Monday, November 08, 2004 On Friday in Amsterdam, the Netherlands’ National Institute for Public Health said that an outbreak of a rate STD among gay and bisexual men might also facilitate the transmission of HIV”


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“The number of Dutch children working in prostitution has increased dramatically over the past five years: from 4,000 to 15,000 according to figures published by the Amsterdam-based ChildRight organization”

” Most children that end up in prostitution in the Netherlands are boys or young under aged asylum

“Neatherlands 2010 – At least one in five Dutch children live partly at one parent’s house and partly at the other’s. That is a huge increase compared to 10 years ago, when only five percent of children were co-parented. Children with parents who live separately, but share equal parental responsibility, often have a step parent too”

Sites Listing Pedophiles Have Been Hacked

“Two websites which list the data of pedophiles in the Netherlands have been threatened and hacked and removed from the Internet. They hope to return in the near future”

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands — Several self-avowed pedophiles founded a political party in the Netherlands Wednesday, but it was unclear whether the party has more than a handful of members.

Best answer:

Answer by T-800
There is a difference between being gay and being a pedophile.
Out of these there were only two gay related problems.

Answer by David
Last time I checked being a pedo isn’t legalized.

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