Are There Many Unanswered Questions About a Health Care Bill That’s About to Become ” Law “?

Question by The MobFather: Are there many unanswered questions about a Health Care bill that’s about to become ” Law “?
Will the current Bill do any of the following:

1. Allow me to build my own policy and not have to pay for things I don’t need or will never use?

( My sons and I will never need a pap smear, nor give birth, don’t want a hair transplant and will never use the alcohol/drug rehab plan) Yet I am forced to pay for that coverage because of law makers. This vastly increases costs)

2. Do anythin at all to lower the cost of Malpractic Insurance (One of my Dr pays 70,000 / year for liability coverage which is covered by his fees) ( Trial lawyers have nothing to lose. Most cases get settled no matter how ridiculous because the lawyers never have to pay court or legal fees. Easy Fix = Loser Pays all court and legal fees of both parties) That 70,000 will be drastically reduced, and the cost savings passed on.)

3. Lower my monthly premium ?
How can it when Ins companies are now required to cover more people, even with pre-existing conditions. Premiums can only go up. And they are forced to cover basic stuff like minor doctors visits when people should be able to pay for that out of pocket.

Other questions about this “reform”

4. If they are required to cover pre-existing conditions, what prevents people from canceling coverage all together and using the money saved for basic medical care? Then get the insurance only when/if you need major medical care?

5. What will happen when Ins companies go out of business? ( See above question) Will the Gov option be the only option?

6. When the gov has control of how much a doctor or a hospital can make per procedure, what will that do to the number of people willing to enter the Medical field as a profession.

6-B God Forbid, but what if Doctors are forced to join a Gov Union like the SEIU ?

7. (Combined with above) When adding 30 million more people to the system thereby vastly increasing demand, how will the supply side look?

8. When supply gets overwhelmed with demand,how can rationing be avoided?

9. What will happen to our coverage when the government decides it needs to “reign in costs”.

10. What “life-style laws” will be passed in the name of “protecting us” from ourselves?

11. Why can’t people “shop for the best price” like they would anything else.

12. Why will we begin paying for this “reform” next year, but the “benefits” won’t be available until 2013?

Best answer:

Answer by towwwdothello

Answer by Milk Cow
13. Where will some of the Insurance Executives be working if they get laid off or fire……. ?

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