Are There Any Free or Discount Drug Rehabilitation Out There?

Question by Sugarbaby: Are there any free or discount drug rehabilitation out there?
A close friend of mine is addicted to Heroine, and Cocaine, and wants to get clean. she’s tried on her own, but continues to fall into that lifestyle. She wants to get professional help, but can’t afford it. We live in Los angeles. She’s trying to get MediCal, but even then it will be hard foe her to find a program she can afford. Anyone know of any free or discount re-hab programs or psycologists or something who coudl help her in California?

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Answer by mdbpdac
Here are a few links that I found. Below are some links that I found when doing a search for “low-cost drug rehab in California” The first two links have prices listed for various treatments. The last link, you have to call them and they will give you prices for treatment. I hope these links help. I wish you the best of luck in finding an affordable treatment.

Answer by Kat
There’s is a place in Bellflower, Ca (in LA area) called The Little House. My daughter was there for 6 months it is state run and pretty cool. I think they have a website under The Little House. Good Luck

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