An Overview of the Weight Loss Drugs Industry

An Overview Of The Weight Loss Drugs Industry
The Affordable Care Act, also known as ObamaCare, seeks to tackle the problem by forcing obese Americans to enroll in wellness programs. The Act insists on providing those using Medicare/Medicaid access to primary-care … The US Food and Drug … Read more on Bidness Etc

Doctor's must help stem painkiller epidemic
Emphasis was placed on tailoring the treatment to the individual patient. Narcotic pain medication was reserved only for cancer-related or terminal pain because of the high risk of addiction. Then, in 1996, a wonder drug was touted as the answer for … Read more on Santa Fe New

We need the right tools to tackle the overdose pandemic
It's now more affordable than it has ever been. The reasons for misuse of … Ideally, you would like no one to ever become addicted to opioids and for everyone who is, to be admitted to rehab, treated and live happily ever-after, drug-free. But that's … Read more on The Globe and Mail

US OKs portable antidote for painkiller overdoses 0
WASHINGTON – U.S. regulators on Thursday approved a portable device to treat painkiller overdoses that people without medical training can use in emergency situations, a move to combat the rise of deaths from the abuse of opioids, including heroin. The … Read more on Simcoe Reformer

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