Am Pm Store Employee Refusing to Sell Me Lottery Tickets and Scratchers?

Question by Alex: am pm store employee refusing to sell me lottery tickets and scratchers?
i am prepared to sue
the employee refuses to sell me lotto tickets and scratchers
for gods sake im a customer
these were the direct words from his mouth
“sir you have already bought about 100 dollars plus on lottery tickets and scratchers i think you may have a gambling problem”
and then he refused to sell me anymore
i asked to speak with his manager but he is never there he says,
the employee should be fired, what legal action can i take?

Best answer:

Answer by TIGER
Any store has the right to refuse service to any customer! And this is not the correct forum to ask your question.

Answer by Max Hoopla
It sounds like the store wants to protect itself from suits by problem gamblers by limiting sales. This is a good policy.

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