Agree/disagree, Obese People Usually Make Excuses for Not Losing Weight Because They Don’t Want to Try Hard?

Question by ??????? Love All As One ???????: Agree/disagree, obese people usually make excuses for not losing weight because they don’t want to try hard?
Obesity is when the fat in a person is in such a large quantity that it starts to impair a person’s health. This is a level above being overweight.

Whenever I meet an obese person, they tend to have a history of heart problems as well as some really superficial excuses for why they are still obese:

1. A person told me that he was obese because there was no point in trying. He said that according to a research by a scientist, obese people who lost weight became obese again because of the addiction to food which is “comparable to drug, gambling and sex addiction”.

I questioned him if he ever tried to become slim, and he said no. Then I said that it was a poor excuse because he didn’t try. I could tell that he lied about the research because:
a. He did not tell me the kind of research
b. He did not tell me the no. of people tested
c. He did not tell me the person who lead the research/ where he read it from
d. He gave so little detail about it, he may have made it up.

2. Another blamed the food companies. He said that they put so much sugar in the foods that it was an atrocity. I later saw him go in fast food restaurants, eating hamburgers, SEVERAL times. I then realised that it was really his will-power that lacked, and not the food companies, as simply going to a fast food restaurant is just asking for trouble.

3. Another person who also stayed in my mind was one who said that they had a low metabolic rate. I then requested them to confirm it by seeing their local GP. His preconception was false, and I started to wonder what made him think that. And he told me that he thought he had a low metabolic rate because he got fatter each time he had a meal. I thought that was the silliest claim imaginable.

Please answer without berating. I do not want to see some extremely opinionated answers because that allows me to assume that you are inadequate at balancing issues and probably over sensitive about obesity.

I don’t mind people going against what I think, as long as they tell me why and balance their points (at least 1 point in favour and 1 point against). Thanks!
Hyperactive thyroid problems are more common that hypo-active thyroid problems.
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or som people have undiagnosed thryroid problems.. even if they try at losing weight. they wont..

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